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Rooting Android Device Made Easy: Why & How to

This post was purposely drafted in other to talk about Why and How to Root Android Device the easy way. In this modern world, the said rooting of various Android smart phone devices or gadget has persistently been a sort of trend at the moment, thus much more people are …

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How to Lock your Computer using Flash-drive

How to lock /unlock your computer using pen drive . Most often than not we end up logging into our various personal computers using pins and in most cases passwords.the using of passwords and pond has been used quite often ,but in today’s post and as time goes on we have quite discovered a new …

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All in One:SEO (Search engine optimization) basics

How to develop a blog to search engine friendly. One vital reason why upcoming bloggers fail to pursue on their blogging career is just because they refuse to implement Search engine optimization techniques on their blogs, or is some most cases most bloggers aren’t just aware of SEO techniques. One …

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