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How to Change Folder Colours In Windows 7, 8 & 10

We show you how to Change the Folder Colours In Windows. Am quite optimistic that when given verity of themes and colors to possibly choose from, will definitely enhance your performance in terms of searching for folders on your PC quite simple.

Dissimilar Mac Operating System X, for some time now Windows doesn’t grantee you that privilege to change the colour of folders on your computer. With this situation at hand windows left as with the task of searching through a sea of yellow icons to find the right folder you might need.

As at now the windows operating system does not have a feature to help users change the colours of folders to suite their interest. Therefore a well known program called Folder Colorizer emerges up to give us the authority to make these modifications on our windows folders.

Just Imagine superficial effect and also how interesting it will be if we are able to change the icon color for folders so that your Accounting folder can be green (Just like money) and your tasks folder can be red .

With this program it gives you modification features to color code for each and every folder which will at a long run ease up a lot of things and as well make life much easier.

Folder Colorizer which is perhaps a free application from Softorino makes it easy to customize your folders with just about any color and in addition makes your computer cool and tidy.

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How to Change the Colour of a Folder In Windows 7, 8 & 10

change Folder Colours  In Windows 7, 8 & 10

First and foremost you have to download Folder Colorizer from download.cnet.com . when you get there you perhaps have to just search for Folder Colourizer using the search menu and download the app from their official site which does not take much of your time.

To make it simpler, you can perhaps download it Here Free Folder Colorizer

change folder colours in windows

As usual the said setup will ask you to accept their license Agreement after you have fully read it of which in most cases we don’t. You just have to click on I accept the license agreement and privacy policy and click on next process as shown it the screenshot below

Folder Colorizer  installation setup

After moving on to the next step you will realize that the Setup will request you to customize your Installation. You can select your installation drive here, other than if you want the program to be installed in default windows drive then simply click on “Install Now“ which will be a better option to start with.

Folder Colorizer setup installation

In most cases the program having been tried and tested out by several individuals, it know that after successfully installing the program on your computer it at in most cases do not give out a welcome notice to show successful installation but never mind because the absence of a welcome message doesn’t mean that you haven’t correctly installed the program on your computer.

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To prove that it has successfully installed on you PC you just have to select any folder of your choice and rigt click on it. in addition to the options that displays below you will also see a new option named as Colorize.

Folder Colorizer colour options

When you click on the Colorize option you will realize that at the side of the program shows the available color patterns. With these option on display all you have to do is to instantly select you preferred colour so as to change the default colour pattern of the selected folder.

Folder Colorizer  colour option 2

If at a particular point in time you just done like the colour pattern you once selected, you can simply restore it back to default setting by simply clicking on Colorize and the last option after the available colour which is ‘Restore Original Colour’ when you click on that option you folder will instantly be changed into the default folder colour. Done !!

restore default folder colour

The above post simply describes How to Change Folder Colours In Windows 7, 8 & 10. With the above method happen to help make you windows computer more colorful and also gives you the option to have any colour you like: green, red, pink, orange, purple,or even black.


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