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How To Schedule Text Messages On iPhone

Talking of how to schedule messages on iPhone is what we will be discussing today. in as much that there is obviously no doubt that the emergence of messaging apps such as  whats app, viber , tango and Facebook messenger has at a rapid pace end up replacing this traditional way of  messaging or texting but this service is still in use due to that we decided to hit up on How to schedule sms of iPhone. in most instance due to such activities we endorse our self in  you may at a point in time want to text an important message to one of  your friends, mates or family, but in most cases you probably end up  not remembering  to send the text message at the last moment?

am quite sure that most of us have for once been in that situation before and it end up looking disappointed.Well, if you are in such a situation, then it’s time to download and install a SMS scheduler onto your iPhone or IOS device so as to save that kind of disappointing situation from repeating it self again. So we are here with a method for this that is the cool way to schedule text messages in your iPhone. most people are of the view that scheduling messages on upcoming devices is quite out of the ordinary. I must say that is damm possible and there are lots of individuals using this method and are really making good use of this feature. Yes it is possible in your iOS device and you can implement in your ios device and make your SMS to send them later. Using this said feature can be utilized in such a way that if you want to  send someone  birthday greetings  on time, lets say at sharp 12 . in sending the said birthday message there will be practically  no need to stay awake till the stipulated time to send the message is up before you manually sending it your self. To make life much easier for all of us, this is why  you just need  to download the said up and  sit back and relax as the app will automatically send that message of yours at the said or specific time without facing much difficulties at all. in order to schedule text messages on iOS all that is required of you is to follow the few steps under listed below and you good to go.

How To Schedule Text Messages On iPhone

How To Schedule Text Messages On iPhone

With this type of technique, to make scheduling of messages possible on IOS devices, we will obviously be using an easy to use SMS scheduler app. With this Sms Scheduler app we will at the end will be permitted to schedule any important, key or vital Text Message on your iPhone that you never want to miss out. The good stuff about using this feature is that you can at your own will even edit your scheduled message too without facing much difficulties at all. Configuring this app is really simple to go by, you just have to read the steps listed below so as to proceed.

Features of SMS Scheduler App

  • built in reminders: This SMS scheduler app for ios devices can send your desired SMS “With Reminder” so a notification is sent to the iPhone on the schedule date. It allows you to edit the scheduler SMS or cancel the message.
    • Using this App means that you also have Freedom to review, delete and edit your scheduled SMS
    • your will also be able to probably use your own network service provider

Now that we know the said features of the SMS Scheduler App for iPhone we are now to proceed on the steps needed to schedule message with SMS Scheduler

Steps to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

  1. First and foremost we will have to download the said app from your app store
  2. After successfully downloaded the app will automatically install as usual
  3. Subsequently after installing the app on you device
  4. Launch the app and then you can as well begin typing that important message that you want to get scheduled on your iPhone to make life much easier.
  5. After you have finished drafting you message with the said App
  6. You then have to also add recipient to which you want to send the scheduled SMS.
  7. When done with entering the recipient number in the required field
  8. You now also have to set the time you want the message to be sent to the recipient.
  9. Basically edit the day and the time respectively for the message to get sent.
  10. After setting the date and time you just have to hit on DONE.
  11. This means that we have been able to schedule our message successfully, thus the message will get scheduled on your iPhone and will get send at the specified scheduled time. You can also edit the scheduled messages to make any change in the text or in the scheduled time.


To sum it all app the post above discusses on How to Schedule Text Messages On iPhone / ios without facing much difficulties.




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